The New Album

I. Void Of Words

II. Oblivious - Obnoxious - Defiant

III. Song Of The Gods

IV. Null

V. 1000 Different Paths

VI. The Sound Of Shallow Grey



Listen to Null:







Recorded, mixed and mastered by Laurent Teubl at Sculpt Sound Studios


Cover Artwork by Timo Ketola


All booklet illustrations and paintings by WÆIK


Photos by Brigitte Zobel



14.12.2018 - Metzingen, Club Thing


15.12.2018 - Winterthur (CH), Gaswerk


22.12.2018 - Köln, Club Volta, Albumreleaseshow


02.03.2019 - Hell Over Hammaburg Festival, Hamburg, Markthalle

Death Evoked (2012)


Chapel Of A Lifeless Cult (2012)


Summoning Black Gods (2012)

The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art (2015)




Chapel Of Disease © 2018


...And As We Have Seen The Storm, We Have Embraced The Eye