The New Album



I. Void Of Words

II. Oblivious - Obnoxious - Defiant

III. Song Of The Gods

IV. Null

V. 1000 Different Paths

VI. The Sound Of Shallow Grey


Click the titles to listen to "Song Of The Gods" and "Null".


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Laurent Teubl at Sculpt Sound Studios


Cover Artwork by Timo Ketola


All booklet illustrations and paintings by WÆIK


Photos by Brigitte Zobel



02.03.2019 - Hell Over Hammaburg Festival, Hamburg, Markthalle


23.03.2019 - Ulm, CAT

05.04.2019 - Paris, Glazart


25.05.2019 - Wolf City Festival, Berlin, Zukunft am Ostkreuz

07.06.2019 - Rock Hard Festival, Gelsenkirchen


13.07.2019 - In Flammen Open Air, Torgau


20.07.2019 - Chaos Descends Festival, Crispendorf


26.10.2019 - Til Dovre Faller Festival, Dombas, Norwegen

29.11.2019 - Byker Grave Festival, Newcastle Upon Tyne



Death Evoked (2012)


Chapel Of A Lifeless Cult (2012)


Summoning Black Gods (2012)

The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art (2015)

...And As We Have Seen The Storm, We Have Embraced The Eye




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